Yudong Yang

Executive Editor-in-Chief
China Business News

Yudong Yang is the executive editor-in-chief of China Business News (CBN), a leading business media group in China. The state-owned group consists of a daily newspaper, two TV channels, two magazines, a radio station, an English news agency and a data service company. CBN is one of the most-cited Chinese sources of financial information by international media. Yang is in charge of CBN’s news production and the group’s innovation. He also acts as a TV host in some shows about China and World Economy.


How to monetise content? Lessons from China


Monetisation of news and micro-payments are the main takeaways that Western media can learn from the Chinese model. Can successes in China apply to the rest of the world? GEN invites key Chinese players to share insights with the GEN Summit participants. Wolfgang Blau will be moderating this session.

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