VR Studio

The VR Studio is a universal exhibition showcasing the best of immersive experiences in the news and media industries. From device manufacturers to content producers, the VR Studio will feature prominent organizations and up-and-coming ventures across the virtual reality landscape.

Virtual reality is having a transformative effect on the global journalism and media ecosystem. This disruptive technology has not only unlocked a new dimension of immersive experiences, but it’s also creating new business models for the industry as a whole.

With the rapid rise of the application of virtual reality journalism, coupled with the shift of media organisations towards creating VR content, it’s imperative – and timely – for us to shed light on how media organisations across the globe are taking advantage of this new form of storytelling.

All exhibitors at the VR Studio will be announced at the end of April. 





When and where?

The VR Studio will take place on the ground floor of Aula der Wissenschaften, the venue of the GEN Summit. Spread across 300 square meters, the VR Studio will be accessible from 12:30 on Wednesday 21 June through 17:00 on Friday 23 June. All registered participants to the GEN Summit will have full access to the VR Studio.



Showcase your content

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