Scott Mc Kiernan

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Zuma Press

Scott Mc Kiernan is chairman of the board and founder of the Reportage Foundation, an organisation that instigates dialogue through skilled journalism, reporting on critical global, regional, and local issues. He is also founder, CEO and chief photographer at ZUMA Wire Service. Mc Kiernan has decades of wide-ranging experience in photojournalism, which led him to establish Zuma, one of the largest editorial photo agencies in the world and the first digital age picture agency. He also created other companies such as zReportage.com, ThePicturesofTheDay.com and zMultiMedia.com to showcase visual journalism. He is also a board member and a lecturer at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.


How social media are transforming visual journalism standards


As editor or visual editor, you cannot ignore new formats: circular and vertical videos, sound-off videos, square photos and new uses of animated gifs. More or less, all those new formats originated on, or were created for, social media.

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