Anne Kerloc’h

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
20 Minutes France

Anne Kerloc’h is the social media manager and deputy editor-in-chief of 20 Minutes France. She has been leading the editorial guidelines of 20 minutes France since 2010 and she led its coverage of media and technology between 2006 and 2009. Kerloc’h has a chronicle on radio Europe 1 called “Twitter Scanner”, where she analyses how social media reacts to news and how public figures manage their own social media. Anne Kerloc’h also freelanced for publication groups such as Bayard and AEF. She started her career as a journalist at Charlie Hebdo. Anne Kerloc’h is also an author of journalism and children’s books.


Rebooting Your Newsroom for the Smartphone Age


David will explain how to set up a Mobile News Desk to ensure that mobile is central to our organisations. Mobile is no longer a new layer to add, but a milestone for redefining the news process.

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