Noriko Takiguchi

Managing Editor

Noriko Takiguchi is a freelance journalist from Japan, based in Silicon Valley.  She covers innovations in technology, robotics, and AI, as well as general business topics for various Japanese media outlets including Nikkei Newspaper, Diamond Online, Nikkei BP, Newspicks and Toyo Keizai. She is also a founder and managing editor for the robonews.net, which covers robotics.  Her longstanding interest in architecture and design led her to write Japanese best-selling books about architecture.


It’s raining bots: Four best practices to make the most of automation


Automated news was just the opening act when it appeared in 2014, but now it’s time for the main show: machine learning will allow the development of very sophisticated personalisation tools, turning mass media into personalised media, and therefore changing the way we produce journalism. Noriko Takiguchi will be moderating this session.

main stage