Fernando Belzunce

Director of Editorial Innovation and Development

Fernando Belzunce is the director of Editorial Innovation and Development at Vocento’s newspapers, magazines and themed websites. From 2000 and 2008, Belzunce was the head of digital content for El Correo, one of Vocento’s publications, working not only as the website’s editor, but writing features, reports and interviews. He has been teaching journalism since 2004, first as a lecturer of Online Journalism at Universidad del País Vasco, then at Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera and now at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


How can regional newspapers survive the mobile age?


Proximity is the key asset for regional media organisations, but their business model is under threat and new online players are becoming worthy competitors. The goal of this session is to understand how regional legacy media can overcome their current crisis. Fernando Belzunce will be a speaker and a moderator for this session.

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