Barbara Trionfi

Executive Director
International Press Institute

With an academic background in international relations and human rights, Barbara Trionfi joined the International Press Institute (IPI) in 2000 as a press freedom adviser for the Asia-Pacific region, where she had studied and worked for over two years, carrying out research in the field of human rights and freedom of expression.

Later, as press freedom manager, she oversaw IPI’s global press freedom activities. Today, as executive director, she manages IPI’s operations in line with the overall strategy defined by the IPI executive board.

Her field of expertise covers different areas related to press freedom and freedom of expression, including self-regulatory media accountability systems, safety of journalists, and international mechanisms to protect press freedom.


Are we losing the media we need for democracy?


A classic argument for free speech, and specifically for a free press, is that we need it to govern ourselves well. We need it for democracy. The internet offers what can loosely be called a democratisation of communication, since so many more citizens can individually speak to others. However, both its technological affordances and its […]

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